Bonjour tout le monde ..

I like speaking and writing in french. Everything is better in french. More beautiful. Beauty is important to me. Other things important to me are films, music, food, people, philosophy, my studies in photography and sociology, creativity, travel, fashion, being healthy, being remembered, making a difference and enjoying life. I feel as though we have entered an era with no purpose or difference. Are we to blame for the lack of originality, the borrowing of fashion and music from past decades with the empty promise that the end will justify the means and eventually our lendings will result in the creation, through collaboration, of our own identity? When we don't know who we are collectively and don't embrace the idea of collectivity, how can we ever claim self assurance? I lost myself in someone else once.. And i said goodbye to that someone else in order to find myself again. Two years have passed and I'm more lost now than I ever was. My only revelation since has been that I was never lost with that someone else. I hadn't lost a part of myself, i'd just found a part of him. And vice versa. Maybe the part of me I thought I'd lost was the part of me he found. Either way, I began a journey to find something.. Maybe this blog will serve as a map.